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So you've done your shoot. Now what? What do you do with your images? How do you showcase them? Share them? Or more accurately for many of you (especially those of you with kids in the house) How do you hide them?

Throughout the years of doing photography I've narrowed down all the options of albums, books, and canvases to find the best options for boudoir products that are both classy and discreet, but still allow you a way to see your images in real life (because trust me, there's nothing that compares to seeing your image printed instead of just on a phone or a computer).

Today I wanted to showcase my recent favorite - the 5x5 album. This album can hold either 10 or 20 images, and is small enough to hide away but also a great size to still give your images their due recognition.

The sleek black book is also just a nice clean way to present your images to your significant other.

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