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About me

When I was 14 I wanted to be a journalist and write for teen magazines to influence young girls and help create positive self images.


Then I grew up and realized that it's not only teens who struggle with body image, and in fact, as adult women we may struggle even more.


I began my career in photography and as I started doing boudoir shoots I realized that in a completely different way I was still able to fulfill my passion for bringing about positive self image.


That's what boudoir is all about.


It's about you.


Celebrating you. Indulging yourself. Embracing your self, both physically and emotionally. Boudoir is about accepting yourself, loving yourself, and possibly (but not necessarily) sharing yourself and these photos with your significant other.



So many women spend their energy telling themselves they aren't enough. Whether it's pretty enough, thin enough, tall enough, busty enough... I'm here to help you see that you, just as you are, are more than enough.


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PO Box 62 

Bradley CA 93426



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