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Miss S | Never Limit Yourself

Some women are just born to rock it at boudoir. They know how to pose and move their bodies and are so in tune with themselves that they need little direction from me.

That was Miss S. I helped a little, but mostly, she just knew herself and her confidence exuded. And her confidence in who she was, truly made her shine even more.

Wanna know a little secret? That's NOT how 95% of my clients are.

Most of my clients are nervous and insecure at first and it's through posing and laughing and letting loose that we get to break through to find that sensuality that you see in the photos.

If you're looking through and thinking I'd love to do boudoir, but I can't be sensual like that then you're 100% wrong. You absolutely can, and you'll be so happy you did. It's not a feeling that just leaves after your session and you go home back to your 'normal mom life' or your job at the law office.

It stays with you.

That's why I love boudoir. It's helping you see the side of yourself that you've been taught for so long to hide away. It reminds you of everything you are and can be if you just decide.

To quote one of my favorite shows "Be your own wind keeper!" Don't let anyone take that from you. <3 (Bonus points if you know that reference! Answer is at the bottom for anyone who just cannot take the suspense).

So friends, stop being the person that limits yourself. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't enough, and certainly don't tell it to yourself.

And the answer is, it's from the show Friends <3

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