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Atascadero Boudoir | San Francisco Boudoir

I love my clients. I get so many clients from out of town that I don't get a chance to meet them always before they show up for their shoot.

Sometimes we chat via email, sometimes phone, sometimes they just know they want to book straight away and we don't really get to chat until we meet. And let me tell you, meeting your photographer the day of your shoot (boudoir shoot no less) can be a bit intimidating.

I met Miss D (and her dog!) the day of her shoot. I knew almost zero about her, but while she got her hair and makeup done we got a chance to chat about her, her life with her fiance, and I was already getting ideas for her session! She rocks boudoir in a stunning and demure way and I loved getting to capture these images (and much more!) for her and her now husband!

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