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Miss C | Atascadero Boudoir Photography

It is such an honor when my past clients refer their friends to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you all of you who have done so.

I love getting to know my clients and really feel like we create a friendship, and when I get referrals that friendship is just growing and growing!

That's how Miss C got in touch with me - referral from a past client. We chatted back and forth and she confided (as many of my clients agree!) that she was feeling nervous about doing the shoot but she took a brave breath and decided to go for it. It was serendipitous that I was able to do her boudoir shoot on one of the few days she had available before her wedding.

As soon as she arrived we just chatted away. We had commonalities around town but mostly she was just one of the sweetest most engaging people I've met!

I am so so happy that she didn't decide to skip the boudoir shoot! By the end of the day she was embracing her beauty and fearlessly being herself, and her now-husband just loved the present.

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