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Miss K | Bridal Boudoir Photography

"To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reason, that is the ultimate happiness." Robert Brault

All boudoir is about intimacy and embracing yourself, but bridal boudoir also has the unique element of being vulnerable and intimate and giving yourself to someone else.

However I always maintain, as much as these bridal boudoir sessions are a gift for the groom they are still always also a gift for yourself. There's nothing quite as empowering and fulfilling as taking the jump to do a boudoir session and embracing how truly unique and beautiful you are.

I will never get tired of seeing the change in women from when they first enter the studio, timid and nervous, to when they leave feeling on top of the world.

Miss K, you are absolutely stunning and I cannot wait until we get to meet up for future shoots as you and your husband travel your path together!

"I did a boudoir shoot with Melissa the week before my wedding and was extremely nervous going in...however, she immediately put me at ease with her sweet personality. I felt so comfortable in her presence and had SO much fun during the shoot (if you've been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, DO it!!). It was honestly one of the highlights of the entire wedding experience." - Miss K

I just love these images and how great Miss K was about owning who she is and tapping into that vulnerable/intimate side!

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