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My Own Boudoir Experience

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

As a photographer I try to get in front of the camera from time to time so that I remember what it's like for my clients who have to be in that position.

As a boudoir photographer it is even more important that I understand what it is like for my clients.

However for years I put it off. I didn't have the money to spend. I didn't feel in shape. Besides, I can take my own shots from time to time anyway so why hire someone. The excuses went on and on.

So finally, I found myself single, online, shopping at Victoria Secret and buying $200 worth of bras and underwear. Really?? Smart move, Melissa.

So naturally, I did what any girl would do.

I booked a shoot to celebrate me.

Single me. Not for anyone else. And I was SO glad I did.

I had three weeks to get in shape and lose the 10 pounds I'd gained in the past year.

Instead, by the time the shoot arrived I gained five more.

The morning before the shoot I wake up with zits.

The night before the shoot I wake up at midnight throwing up.

The morning OF the shoot I wake up with cramps from hell and find I've started my period.

I'm bloated. Zitty. Crampy. Nervous. Emotional.


But I was doing this shoot. In spite of everything going against me,

As I rushed around in the morning, pulling my outfits aside, making sure my room was ready, cleaning my kitchen because people would be in my house and heaven forbid they see my dishes piled up, I made sure to save time to go to the store and buy a bottle of champagne.

Between the nerves and cramps I was going to need it.

But 11 o'clock rolls around and I have my glass of champagne and I get to sit down and my lovely hair and makeup artist, Natalie, owner of Bellizimo Beauty, gets to work on my hair and makeup.

Suddenly the rush and chaos of the morning is done. What's done is done, what isn't is going to have to wait. I get to just relax, and feel pampered. And give in to being glamorous, and start to get into the right mood for the shoot.

After Natalie finishes my hair and makeup and I check it to find that I am beyond beautiful and in love with her work (as always, seriously, she's amazeballs), she takes off and Asia Croson, my friend and photographer arrives shortly after.

Instantly I'm not sure what to do. I'm awkward, and giggling, and trying to remember to suck it in, and have good posture, to not have a cheesy smile and to somehow be coy and sexy.

I'm still nervous.

But I'm empowered. I'm feeling sexy, and most importantly -- I'm having fun.

Boudoir shoots are amazing. Sure, I feel a little vain, I mean, I spent hours looking at photos of myself once I got my gallery, but still -- I feel beautiful. I feel feminine. I feel able to be adored. And I feel happy. =)

Melissa Jean Boudoir | My Own Boudoir Experience
Melissa Jean Boudoir | My Own Boudoir Experience

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